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What is the dress code for RT Leadership Connect?

We recommend opting for smart-casual attire and carrying a jacket to be prepared for Melbourne’s famously unpredictable weather. All of our official event venues are within walking distance of the hotel. Comfortable footwear is encouraged if you prefer to travel on foot rather than the provided coaches.


What will the weather be like? 

Chat to any Melbourne local and they’ll tell you the city often has ‘four seasons in a day’.


In May, Melbourne transitions from late autumn to early winter, with a cool-mild climate and comfortable temperatures. The average high temperature during the day is around 14°C (57.2°F). However, as the sun sets, the evenings become cooler with average lows dropping to around 9ºC (48°F).


Be sure to bring layers and a warm jacket, as the temperature variation between day and night can be significant. And possibly an umbrella!

For more details on weather, please refer to Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology website.


What should I pack?  

We recommend you pack:

  • Smart-casual clothing for day programming that can also be worn to dinner and evening functions

  • At least one warm jumper and a jacket for cooler evenings

  • Closed-in shoes with socks

  • Swimwear, should you choose to enjoy the facilities at W Melbourne

  • Activewear & appropriate footwear for a range of optional wellness activities


Laundry and washing facilities

W Melbourne has laundry and dry cleaning services available through the concierge, any associated costs will be charged as per normal travel and expenses policy. There is an iron and ironing board in each bedroom.

What to pack for your stay

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